We are on Lake Garda since 1990

Our association has been organizing language courses on Lake Garda – 20 minutes by car from Verona – since 1990.
Within this period we’ve had the chance to form a staff and to work out a teaching method that is highly appreciated by our students.
Besides those languages that lend themselves strictly to the tourism business, so important in this area, we’ve extended our course programs to all other languages chosen especially for travellers’ pleasure.

The touristic calling, the geographical location and the globalization created in this area a special and unique setting, where all these factors attract so many foreigners.
More than 10% of the local Lake Garda population is not from Italy, but have moved here from EU, Eastern European or from South-American countries.
We have so many names with Nordic and oriental assonances in the phonebook of the riparian municipalities like in no other municipalities. In several families two languages are spoken, many young children are bilingual.
A weak point in this variegated language situation are the repatriations from Brazil or Argentina of Italian migrants’ children who have an Italian surname but do not speak Italian any more.

Where we are
The language school can be the perfect stimulation tool for many occasions in which Italians meet “new Italians” and language barriers are quickly overcome by establishing a good neighbourly relationship as well as an intercultural exchange. So residents have a strong need of learning a foreign language and foreign people who decide to stay and live in this area want to learn Italian.
Our headquarters are in Cavaion Veronese and we cover also the south area of Lake Garda and the lake hinterland.
Between lake and Verona, Mount Baldo and the Valpolicella valley, a learning on holiday will bring you forth to your goal in total relaxation amongst glimpses of natural landscapes in a Mediterranean microclimate and flavours of a greatly valued wine and food tradition.