Italian Courses

Our Italian Language program includes intensive weekly courses and 2-month-long courses.
Classes are thought for “new Italians” who have decided to move to Italy for an extended period or for tourists who often visit Italy. Courses are organized in classes with students all on the same language level. The level results from a written entry test and from a short interview.

summer 2018 gbWeekly conversation course “Summer” – 20 hours

The weekly intensive conversation course is featured as follows:

Duration: 15 hours (each lesson lasts 55 minutes)
Time: from Monday to Friday, morning 9:30 – 12:30
Participants: minimum 2 and maximum 4.
Activities: various, in 5 hours two afternoons: excursions, visits, tastings, cooking classes.

Weekly classes with special programs

Family Class:
for families with children and adults, with appropriate activities both separated and shared. The pleasure of learning on holiday in an extra-school family setting. This can be in a hotel, in holiday apartments or under the beach umbrella.

Painting, Drawing and Ceramic Arts Class:
Technique and rudiments of drawing, image composition with visits to museums and exhibitions, painting techniques (watercolour, pastels, oil, acrylic).

Italian Cooking Class:
taught at one of our typical lake restaurants, the chef will carry out Italian and regional recipes, while your teacher explains and comments in Italian.
Students can share a creative and fun experience in learning a language and can also taste the final product.

Intensive Monthly Program:
We offer monthly courses of 20 weekly class hours that correspond to 80 hours per month in order to reach the course objective.
We alternate theoretical lessons in the morning with an exercise workshop in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. So evenings and weekends are for your own leisure.
Our school can suggest various activities.

Calendar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday
9:30 – 12:00 Class Class Class Class Class Free time for students
14:00 – 15:30 workshop workshop workshop workshop workshop

The first levels of the program include conversation on general topics. In the afternoon hours students can choose between different workgroups.
Amongst the various activities the school offers: music, cooking, art, multimedia exercises.
To attend the Business Italian, students who learn Italian for work should have a good language knowledge they can reach on an intermediate or advanced level.

“Standard” Bimonthly Classes     Depliant CLB 2017-18
The program lasts 34 hours carried out in 2 months.
For the amount of effort required, the short duration and the type of program employed these programs fit both people who have a job and people who are currently studying.

Our bimonthly courses start with different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and last 8 weeks according to the following calendar: end of October, beginning of January, beginning of March.

Each class will be very homogeneous both in language ability and interests, with a minimum of  5 students to a maximum of  8.
Course calendar and timetable are arranged by our Administration in cooperation with the students.
The program is presented by the teacher at the beginning of the course. It can be enriched with suggestions from students in order to be completed within a given period.
At the end of the two-month period students have the chance to move on to a higher level and to go on learning on consecutive modules.

Individual Classes
A package consists of a minimum of 10 hours in 4 weeks.
These individual “tailored” classes allow teachers and students to focus their work on specific language needs of the student: marketing, business, topical issues, local culture or other topics.