Bimonthly Courses

The school offers foreign language classes (English, German, Russian, French and Spanish) for Italians and for “new Italians” using mother-tongue teachers and not.

Bimonthly standard courses
In particular we teach English, German,  Russian, French and Spanish.
The program lasts 34 hours carried out in 2 months. Daytime or evening hours with 2-hour classes twice a week.

For the amount of effort required, the short duration and the type of program employed these programs fit both people who have a job and people who are currently studying.

Our bimonthly courses start with different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and last 8 weeks according to the following calendar:
end of October, beginning of January, beginning of March.

Each class will be very homogeneous both in language ability and interests, with a minimum of  5 students to a maximum of  8.
The program is presented by the teacher at the beginning of the course. It can be enriched with suggestions from students in order to be completed within a given period.
At the end of the two-month period students have the chance to move on to a higher level and to go on learning on consecutive modules.