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European Foreign Language Classification
We divide our language programmes following the European Classification in 6 levels, according to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching, which contains guidelines to check the level of language proficiency.

Choose the level you believe you best fit in through self-evaluation.
At the beginning of our program you will be asked to go through an entry test and don’t worry, because you can change class without any problem, even after a first couple of hours, seeing an instructor to discuss your objectives, so that the most suitable class can be chosen for you.

Italian Test, Breakthrough Level Test A1 PLIDA German Test, Beginner Level Download
Italian Test, Waystage Level Test Test A2 PLIDA German Test, Intermediate Level Download
Italian Test, Threshold Level Test Test B1 PLIDA English Test, Levels from A1 to C2 Download
Italian Test, Vantage Level Test Test B2 PLIDA French Test, Beginner Level Download
Italian Test, Effectiveness Level Test Test C1 PLIDA Spanish Test, Beginner Level Download
Italian Test, Mastery Level Test Test C2 PLIDA Spanish Test, Intermediate Level Download