Foreign Languages

The school offers foreign language classes (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese) for Italians and for “new Italians” using mother-tongue teachers and not.


Bimonthly intensive course

We specialise in English, German, Russian, French and Spanish in addition to other languages.
The program lasts 30 hours and is carried out in 2 months. Daytime or evening with 2-hour classes twice weekly.
For the amount of effort required, the short duration and the style of program these programs are suitable for both people who have a job and people who are currently studying.

Our bimonthly courses start with different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and last 8 weeks according to the following calendar:
end of October, beginning of January, beginning of March.
Each class will be very uniform both in language ability and interests, with a minimum of 4 students to a maximum of 6.
The program is presented by the teacher at the beginning of the course. It can be enriched with suggestions from students in order to be completed within a given period.
At the end of the two-month period students have the chance to move on to a higher level and to go on.

Special bimonthly short Class

In addition to the standard intensive courses, the School organizes specific 21-hour courses, with a 3-hour lesson once a week or two one-and-a-half-hour lessons twice a week. These are organized within or outside the school, and are dedicated to professionals or students wishing to achieve rapid progress in the language and in the specific sector in the short term.

Business English

The main objective of this class is to improve the ability to read and write e-mails, participate in meetings, do networking in the context of international trade. To attend the course an intermediate knowledge of the language is required.
These English courses are especially designed for business people seeking to gain more confidence in conducting their business in English.

Classes are based on practical activities mimicking relevant and realistic situations and focus on a specific function (negotiations, presentations, business correspondence), on a certain business area (customer service, project management, sales) or address particular language issues (business idioms, pronunciation, and so on). The special communicative methodologies optimize the target language use. Up-to-date material allows students to access the most recent business terminology. Functions, structures and terminology acquired during classes are part of an extremely important linguistic asset that will allow participants to manage all working and travelling-related situations very easily.
For further information on Business English classes – especially levels, start dates and costs – don’t hesitate to contact the School.

Tourist English for Beginners

A pre-intermediate level short course for a use of the language in the hospitality and tourism sectors.



The course is designed both for students in professional schools for tourism and for tour operators and traders. It is divided into 2 parts: conversation in work situations and business correspondence.


Brief and intensive off-campus seminars, even on weekends.


A package consists of a minimum of 10 hours to be used within around 4 weeks.
These individual classes allow teachers and students to focus their work on specific language needs of the student: topical issues, local culture, marketing, business or other topics.


Teachers follow the students using the school appointed program focusing on their weak points and using their own textbooks.

English conversation course

On topical issues or on business, in small groups on an intermediate or advanced level.
The limited number of participants in each group guarantees the optimization of the contacts between student and teacher. In this context students acquire more skills to comprehend the English language, develop a better “fluency” and become more confident of their own expressions.

German conversation course

A short course with one lesson per week, it consists of theme nights, current affairs and the interests of the students. Mother tongue teacher.

Fees for Foreign Languages Autumn – Winter 2021-2022


30 hours

(4-6 students per class)

€ 370,00


21 hours

(4-6 students per class)

€ 280,00


16 hours

(4-6 students per class)


€ 210,00



10 hours

1 to 1

€ 340,00


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Our prices are all-inclusive, teaching material and 22% VAT included.

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