Centro Linguistico Benaco

Teaching languages at Lake Garda since 1990

Benaco School

Foreign languages for workers in the tourist and hospitality industry

Mini classes

Small groups of 2 to 8 students

Learn by doing

Visit the surrounding area with wine tasting, trips and visits to villas during our Italian courses

Benaco Language Centre

A language school at Lake Garda since 1990

Current Courses

Italian Courses

The Italian programs include intensive week long courses and extensive courses which cover two months. They are intended for foreigners who have decided to move to Italy, long-term tourists or frequent visitors.

Foreign language courses

We run 34 hour language courses of English, German, Russian, French and Spanish which cover for two calendar months. They are scheduled either in the morning or in the evening and are made up of two weekly lessons.
We also run shorter courses which last 24 or 18 hours, in this case one lesson per week is sufficent.

European Foreign Language Classification and download language test

Our language programmes follow the European Classification in 6 levels, according to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching, which contains guidelines to check the level of language proficiency.

Choose the level you believe you best fit in through self-evaluation.
At the beginning of our program you will be asked to go through an entry test and don’t worry, because you can change class without any problem, even after a first couple of hours, seeing an teacher to discuss your objectives, so that the most suitable class can be chosen for you.

English Test
Levels from A1 to C2
French Test
Beginner Level
Breakthrough Level
Waystage Level Test
Threshold Level Test
Vantage Level Test

Effectiveness Level Test

Mastery Level Test
German Test
Beginner Level
German Test
Levels from A1 to C2
Spanish Test
Beginner Level
Spanish Test
Intermediate Level

Compare proverbs!

Take part in our search! Insert your proverb of the day in the comments!

Rosso di sera – Morgenrot – red Sky

Rosso di sera, bel tempo si spera, rosso di mattina, brutto tempo si avvicina.
≠ Morgenrot bringt Dreck und Kot.
≠ Red sky at night, shepherds delight, Red sky in the morning, shepherd warning.


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