Italian Courses

Italian Courses

Our Italian language program includes intensive weekly courses in a small group and private courses with variable duration at the request of the student. Classes are designed for students who love Italy and its culture, those who have decided to move to Italy or for tourists who often visit Italy. Courses are organized in classes with students of the same language level. The level results from a written entry test and from a short interview.
All lessons are 55 minutes long.

Duration: 15-hour weekly course, from January to December

Weekly timetable: 15 hours from Monday to Friday, morning 9:00– 12:00
Participants: minimum 3 and maximum 6
Indoor/outdoor activities: on request additional program of afternoon trips and wine tastings.



Online Italian lesson for 1 or 2 participants

Course Duration: 10 hours of Italian lessons organized over a month. Tailor-made lessons for adults and teenagers, lessons via Skype, Google Meet and Teams.
Timetable to be arranged between teacher and student.
First meeting: free technical and language level test

Package of a minimum of 10 hours over 4 weeks. The individual course allows both teacher and student to focus on the students’ linguistic needs, which could include marketing, business, news, local tradition, etc.



This is a 10-hour package for 2 people with the same linguistic needs. The aim of the course will be discussed with the students to determine their requirements.

Timetable to be arranged with the possibility of attending a daily 3-hour class.

Timetable: 10-hour course, individual or in a small group. The certification training course for the Italian language is aimed at those who, for reasons of work, residence permit, citizenship, need a certification, or who simply want to test their knowledge of the Italian language. During the lessons, simulations of the 4 tests that make up the exam are scheduled, corresponding to the 4 skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Students will be able to familiarize themselves with the modalities of the tests.




Timetable: 10-hour course, individual or in a small group.
The course is aimed at those who don’t have enough time for learning Italian. Classroom lessons or online lessons. The course follows an easy grammar syllabus, which is ideal for tourists who spend a short stay in Italy. It’s aimed at those who want to manage some essential linguistic skills to communicate in everyday Italian. Linguistic levels expected: absolute beginners A1 – A2

Weekly timetable: 10-hour individual /semi-individual course. The course is aimed at students or tourists who are fascinated by Italian art. The teacher will help the student to understand and enjoy several Italian masterpieces, starting from Botticelli with his famous painting La Primavera and David by Michelangelo. The teacher will help you to learn and use the language of art. Classroom lessons or online lessons
Linguistic levels expected: A2-B1




Timetable: weekly course for family groups, adults and children, tailor-made classes, and activities to do together or individually. The teacher will provide a lively agenda full of images and audios of Italian daily life. The family can enjoy a short trip in an easy going environment, to the beach to relax under an umbrella or to a hotel.
Duration and timetable to be arranged.

Language course for Italian food and wine lovers. These classes are ideal for students who are interested in the history of our cuisine, its origin, its tradition. The student will be able to watch videos which include different recipes.
Weekly timetable: 10-hour course with groups or personalised lessons Classroom lessons or online lessons. Linguistic levels expected: A2-B1 Extra: on request there is the possibility to prepare and enjoy a menu with a cookery teacher.


PLIDA Certification

Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri

The six levels of PLIDA go from A1 to C2 in increasing difficulty and correspond to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference.


A1 Beginner Italian
Breakthrough Level

A2 Beginner Italian
Waystage Level

B1 Basic Italian
Threshold Level

B2 Basic Italian
Vantage Level

C1 Professional Italian
Effectiveness Level

C2 Professional Italian
Mastery Level

The A1 Level documents the capacity to understand and to use simple and familiar expressions for meeting daily needs related to the following topics: human body, clothes, family, dates, house, city, transport and directions, food, stores, offices and phones.
If you know only few sentences and words you qualify as a “true beginner”. The same situation applies to a “false beginner”, someone who learnt the language at school, but forgot all basic notions after a couple of years without practising it.

The A2 Level guarantees autonomy in the context of elementary communication. On reaching this level one can accomplish tasks related to basic needs regarding: individual sphere, local geography, work, shopping, nationality, the weather, weights and measures.
Usually a vocabulary of 600 words breaks the communication barrier, whereas a vocabulary of 1000 words is the peak limit for someone to easily make a conversation in a language.
The A2 certification is required in European countries in order to obtain a long-term residence permit.

The B1 Level marks the capability to comprehend texts on familiar and accessible subjects. At this level one is able to interact within an Italian speaking context and can use the language to express opinions and give elementary explanations about: holidays, work, school and more.
At the pre-intermediate level students can improve their ability to listen, talk, read and write the foreign language and can take part in more articulated conversations on various topics using a simple, jet appropriate vocabulary, even making some mistakes.

The B2 Level is required for foreign students at Italian universities. It attests to a competency in the Italian language which is necessary in a traditional scholastic context as well as to prepare for work activities in which one interact with the public. At this level one is able to socialize simply in an Italian-speaking setting and to use the language for specialized lexicon inherent to one’s study or work sphere.

The C1 Level marks a strong confidence with the Italian language and life, such that it can be used in different working environments such as professional, commercial, industrial, bureaucratic.
One is able to comprehend complex speech and writing (such as, for example, a literary text) and to write in a similar manner and can use a specialized lexicon that includes disciplines inherent to one’s own.

The C2 Level certifies a high competency in Italian language, as if it were a mother tongue, a high knowledge of Italian culture, and the ability to effectively employ it in any and all professional settings. The student has a vast choice of grammar structures and uses them with proficiency.
Here one would be competent to teach Italian at the L2 level and to qualify for professional assignments of a high degree.
Wide mastery even in spheres that are distant from one’s interest.


Choose your own stay!
Upon request our school offers the chance to stay in furnished apartments or farm holidays, B&B or hotels. All accommodations have been selected by our school according to excellent standards of quality. The facilities are close to the school and guarantee a comfortable stay.

Farm holidays

We also recommend farm holidays and Bed&Breakfast structures, typical in our area. They are the ideal solution for learning on holiday. Students will find a separate bedroom with private bathroom, on request breakfast, and the family at their disposal for some conversation.


For direct contact visit our accommodation page to view nearby hotels and lodgings which guarantee special rates for students.

Hotel Romantic

three stars with swimming pool, garden, quietly located in Cavaion-centre, only 3 minutes walk from the school.

Hotel Andreis

Family hotel in Cavaion, 2 stars, with pool, garden, characteristic local restaurant, central and quiet. Open the whole year round.

Il cantuccio sul Garda – Relais di charme

In the historic center of Cavaion Veronese, just 3 km from Bardolino, Cantuccio sul Garda offers a timeless ambient. There is a lake view and refined, delicate and romantic atmosphere. The attention paid to details, white in all its shades, warm and soft colors, will company guests on a relaxing holiday with typical Italian good taste. 



Course duration 15 hours

3-6 students in classroom

€ 300,00


10-hour package

1 to 1

€ 360,00



10-hour package
2-5 students in classroom

€ 200,00


10-hour package

1 to 1

€ 300,00



10-hour package

2 students or small group

€ 180,00


(Certification, Quick and easy Italian, Italian for art, Family, Italian for cuisine)

10-hour package
in classroom or online

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These prices are per person and all-inclusive of VAT and teaching material 

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